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Description Headset: Even at the entry level, our SH 230 is a premium quality over-the-head monaural headset. Packed with safety and comfort features exclusive to Sennheiser Communications, it represents the most economical headset in our range. Headband adjustable on both sides for individually preferred positions Self-adjusting ball-mounted speaker capsule allows perfect fitting to the ear Flexible, pivotable, bendable microphone boom for optimal speech clarity Patented ActiveGard™ technology to safeguard your hearing Acoustical foam ear cushion effectively channels sound into ear Detachable headband for easy upgrading to ear clip model Black with dark gray colored C-clamp Lightweight construction perfect for any type of office or professional communication Delivery Includes Cable/clothing clip Carry bag Description Amplifier: The UI 760 is the ideal headset interface box even to integrate a PC into the system. UI 760 enables the user to conveniently switch between headset and handset mode. The box maximizes user friendliness when using a normal headset The box is nicely designed in a discrete titanium look with silver grey buttons featuring: Dynamic Volume ControlTM prevents sudden noises from being uncomfortable to the user. Sound Clarity SystemTM, which reduces background noise and enhances the caller’s voice Automatic power save function for extremely long battery lifetime of up to 2 years Switching between telephone and PC Secures compliance with Noise at work directive from EU with a single switch Dictaphone interface for easy recording Easily switch back and forth between handset and headset The microphone mute allows the user to privately converse with others close by Easily switch back and forth between phone and PC The volume control allows adjusting the signal during the call for personal comfort Three position switch and microphone sensitivity adjustment guarantees easy installation Secures compliance with the Noise at work directive from EU with setup switch. ActiveGardTM safeguards the user from the effects of an acoustic burst Compatible with almost every digital and analogue telephone for easy planning Delivery Includes Telephone connecting cable (RJ 11 4/4) Modular to Easy Disconnect cable Manual Pc. : LSNSANNS4738B Így is ismerheti: SH 230 UI 760, SH230UI760, SH-230UI760
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