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7 100 Ft
+ 1 300 Ft szállítási díj
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7 290 Ft
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9 290 Ft
+ 799 Ft szállítási díj
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Csatlakozás3.5 mm Jack

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Connectors Mini Jack x1 Cable length 240 cm Communication Wired Microphone Yes Volume control Cable-integrated Cable type Plastic shield Audio system Stereo Headphones frequency response 20 - 20000 Hz Impedance 32 Ohm Sound pressure level 107 dB Microphone sensitivity 60 dB Microphone frequency response 0 - 0 Hz Headphones type On-ear Microphone mouting Detachable PROFESSIONAL HEADPHONES FOR GAMERS The Natec Genesis H70 are professional headphones for gamers who require high sound quality, control and comfort during long and exciting gaming sessions, as well as while listening to their favorite music. MULTIPLATFORM The H70 headphones will please those gamers who are not limited to using only one platform. Thanks to a special adapter, the H70 headphones are compatible with consoles, PC-s and modern smartphones. Additionally, an over 2 meter long cable and 30 cm PC adapter will ensure comfort of use and make it possible for gamers to enjoy high quality of sound regardless of their hardware. Additionally, the use of an adapter protects the computer ports against damage in case of suddenly pulling the cable. SENSITIVE AND CRISP The H70, thanks to a sensitive microphone and high speaker parameters, provide the users with good quality sound, without interruptions and distortion. The rotating microphone also has the possibility to adjust its shape, as it is partially made of rubber. Now gameplay will become even more pleasant and communication faster and more effective. EASY TO USE The controller located on the headset’s cable enables volume adjustment and turning the microphone on and off at any time. As a result, it is possible to simply and quickly adjust the sound volume to the user’s preferences. STYLISH AND COMFORTABLE The H70 are a true gaming headset. This is emphasized by their modern style, which is immediately associated with gaming equipment, as well as the comfortable and soft headphones. Additionally, the headband is covered from the inside with a foam and finished with artificial leather. Now even many hours of gameplay will not cause discomfort or ear pain. Gyártó: Genesis Így is ismerheti: Genesis H 70 NSL 0735, GenesisH70NSL0735, Genesis H70 (NSL 0735), GenesisH70NSL-0735
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