NATEC Genesis H49 (NSG-0774)

NATEC Genesis H49 (NSG-0774)

3 650 Ft-tól 8 ajánlat
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Vezeték nélküliNem
Csatlakozás3.5 mm Jack
Fejhallgató frekvencia átvitel20 - 20000 Hz
Kábel hossz2.2 m

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GENESIS H49 HEADPHONES WITH POWER Genesis H49 are headphones which combine a good quality of sound, power and microphone sensitivity, the last being highly valued during games. In addition, the set is characterized by effective finishing which gives it a unique character and makes every user feel like a professional player. LARGE TRANSMITTERS H49 provide an excellent quality of sound which is by all means essential during the game. The best sound reflecting events from the virtual world to the greatest extent is provided by the high quality large transmitters (50 mm) and parameters, such as dynamics at the level of 96 dB or impedance at the level of 32 ohms. SENSITIVE MICROPHONE The headphone set is equipped with a high quality sensitive microphone with the function of noise reduction. Thanks to it, the communication with a team or any other communication via the communicator will not be restricted by any noises. CONTROL Controller H49 which is located in the headphone cable gives the possibility of adapting the sound intensity to existing needs. This application highlights the gaming style of headphones. There is no need to stop the game in order to adapt parameters to your expectations anymore. PERMANENT BRAIDED CABLE In H49 there can be found a 2.2- meter long textile braided cable. Such solution prevents the cable from getting tangled or broken, thus the use of the device is significantly longer. In addition, the braided cable is stylishly finished and this is one of the identifications of the Genesis brand. COMFORT AND DESIGN Apart from a number of sound functionalities, the headphones are designed in a way which aims at providing maximum comfort when used. Large earmuffs are equipped with soft pads covered with ecological leather, whereas the internal band is padded out with soft fabric. Furthermore, the band is braided with eco leather from the outside in order to obtain up-to-date design. Such solutions combined with a modern shape bestow H49 with the exceptional gaming character. Connectors Mini Jack x2 Cable length 220 cm Communication Wired Microphone Yes Volume control Cable-integrated Cable type Plastic shield Audio system Stereo Headphones frequency response 20 - 20000 Hz Impedance 32 Ohm Sound pressure level 96 dB Microphone sensitivity -38 dB Microphone frequency response 0 - 0 Hz Headphones type On-ear Microphone mouting Arm mountGyártó: Genesis Így is ismerheti: Genesis H 49 NSG 0774, GenesisH49NSG0774, Genesis H49 (NSG 0774), GenesisH49NSG-0774
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